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hello. thanks for joining us one week after the discovery headquarters standoff, police had another dangerous situation in southeast washington. this time it ended peacefully. our 9 news now kristin fisher was there and has the latest on
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the investigation. >> reporter: it all started 4:30 this morning when a woman walked in to the street, flagged down an officer and told them there was a man pointing a gun at a woman inside of this home. >> our officers responded to the scene, secured a perimeter and summoned our emergency response team [ sirens ] >> it was more than 40, maybe 30 police cars 5:30 this morning. it was a pretty good number of cars. >> reporter: the suspect held the woman hostage four hours inside of this home. finally at 8:30 the suspect surrendered. no one was injure and no shots were fired. police are trying to find the suspect's alleged gun and trying to figure out a motive and the relationship between his suspect and hostage. both are safe and in police custody. neighbors say they are relieved the standoff ended peacefully but are quick to point out all of this police presence made a mess of their morning. >> it was messy. couldn't get through.
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couldn't nobody get through. >> reporter: several streets in southwest dc were shut down in the middle of the morning rush. >> obviously when there is any concern about a weapon being used we want to make sure no one is walking through what we call a hot zone and endangers themselves in any way. i know it is inconvenient, especially when people are waking up to get the kids to school but we want everyone to be safe and concluded safely. >> kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> a man involved in another barricade situation in northeast washington has died. an emergency response team entered an apartment in the 300 block of 58th streets northeast at 1:45 this morning. they found a man inside severely burned and semi conscious. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. a fire was contained within the parent. over residents of the building are back in hair homes. police are investigating the report of a sexual assault
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that took place in fairfax county, a 23-year-old woman says someone grabbed her from behind and assaulted her this morning at a bus stop in franconia. police closed off lanes of franconia road near la vista drive during the investigation. >> i have been living here over 30 years. nothing happened like this. pretty bad. >> reporter: the victim was taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police say her attacker is described as being a heavy set man between 25 years old an 40 years old. the loudoun county board of supervisors is expected to issue a ruling any minute on whether to ali religious holiday displays at the county courthouse. the proposal was the subject of spirited debate last night in leesburg. supporters of the ban say it
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upholds the concept of separation of church and state, but opponents, like virginia attorney general argue the ban violates the constitution. a man who allegedly fired a shot at his former girlfriend and then fled is due back in montgomery montgomery county police say the woman had a protective order against joshua prince. the shooting led to a security situation at schools in bethesda. prince's lawyer contends that her client never intended to hurt the woman. she says he served in iraq and if he wanted to hit the woman, prince would not have missed. >> he had no intent to harm her, and he left. and after he realized there was a manhunt, he contacted us and asked us to arrange to turn him in and thisaway we did. >> reporter: prince surrendered to pennsylvania police 50 miles north of harrisonburg. the exgirlfriend was not injured.
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howard county police have charged a columbia march with killing his ex-- a columbia man of killing his ex-wife and setting her apartment on fire. she was stabbed to death before the apartment on majors lane went up in flames. the 34-year-old damon white faces charges of murder and arson. according to police, the couple have four children. the children were not home at the time of the fire. if elected, dc mayoral candidate vincent gray says he would consider eliminating longer parking meter fees. the fees went in to affect earlier this year. gray tells the washington examiner that the longer hours could be hurting small businesses. the longer meter hours were enacted in january and target high demand areas around the city. the fenty administration contends that rolling back the fees would deny the city $6 million in revenue. the dc primary is less than a
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week away. it is being held on september 14th. tomorrow is the last day that people in maryland can take advantage of early voting. the state has 46 early voting locations throughout the state. and you can go to those polling places from 10:00 a.m. until 8 p.m. to find a voting location near you, go to our website at and click on 9 news extras. virginia governor mcdonnell will unveil his plan today to raise alcohol taxes and sell off the state-run liquor stores. "washington post" reports the virginia republican will propose a 4% tax on alcohol sales in bars and restaurants. the move is designed to raise $40 million a year. the commonwealth will reportedly sell 1,000 liquor licenses to private retailers. some food for thought in fairfax county. where the school menu has
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undergone an overhaul. chocolate milk, corn dogs and chicken nuggets are out and healthier food choices are in. the largest school system in the area is now expanding its selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. >> they can have nuggets when their parents take them out, but they don't need to have it at school. corn dogs, we don't need those. >> reporter: from now on, only white milk, skim milk or 1% milk will be sold in fairfax county elementary schools, and instead of chicken nuggets and corn dogs, schools will be serving healthier chicken tenders or hot dogs on whole grain buns. while children are back in school, dogs will have their day. alexandria hosted its 7th annual doggy day swim treat on tuesday. it was a chance for man's best friend to go for a dip. proceeds for the even benefit
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the animal welfare league. still to come on 9 news now at noon, a lion turns on its handlers before terrified tourists in las vegas. we will have details on the story when we come back. president obama calls for an end to some bush era tax cuts as the mid election -- midterm election campaign heats up.
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is out with a new report on that massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. here in washington, the chief investigator says eight different failures contributed to the disaster. they include cement that did not prevent oil and gas from whering the well, and a blowout preventer that did not seal off the well. meanwhile, booms that were laid out off the coast of mississippi, alabama and florida are being removed. experts say they pose more of a risk to the shoreline than any oil that remains in the water. officials in louisiana say they need to study more data before they decide whether to remove the booms. president obama is preparing to unveil his latest proposals to kick start the economy. a tax savings proposal for small businesses is among the ideas. the president is also indicating that taxes will increase for the wealthiest
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americans. joel brown explains. >> reporter: president obama heads to cleveland today where's where he's expected to draw a line. his administration will not extend tax cuts for the wealthiest americans after they expire at the end of the year. the cuts will stay in place for other taxpayers. >> what we can't afford is $700 billion in tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires and that's primarily who those tax cuts will go to. >> reporter: the president will also outline his latest ideas to boost the economy. $50billion to repair and rebuild the nation's roads and railways and new tax breaks for businesses, aimed at freeing up cash so companies can hire more workers. the white house plans to keep the economy front and center this week before congress comes back to washington. president obama will hold a news conference on friday morning. only his second one this year. >> reporter: republicans are also talking about the economy. they say the president's policies mean a tax hike. minority leader john boehner
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wants to freeze all tax rates for two year and government spending back to 2008 levels. the white house is trying to link that proposal to former president bush. >> we lost 4 million jobs in the six months before this president took office. we can't afford to go back to those policies. >> reporter: with republicans predicted to make big gains in the november elections, the administration is expected to keep making the argue over the next two months. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. with mid-term elections coming up, experts say it is unlikely the president's proposals will make it through congress. it was all caught on tape. a lion attack in las vegas. the couple was walking through the lobby of the mgm grand hotel when one of the animals turned on its handler. there were anxious moments for the trainer before the animal was pulled off. fortunately there were no serious injuries. coming up on 9 news now at noon, we will be joined live by dr. oz who talks about his
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show's second season on the air. i'm meteorologist howard bernstein. that september sun is still hot. it is 90 degrees right now but cooler days ahead. an the allergy update is in. good news as far as the mold spores an the tree pollen but the grass and weeds are moderate. so hey fever season is kicking up. 9 news now at noon will return. î
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dr. oz is celebrating the second premier of his broadcast here on channel 9. the ground- breaking show can be seen monday through fridays here on channel 9 beginning at 3:00 p.m. in fact, dr. oz is standing by live with more on what we can expect. i'm so sorry you are not in the studio with me, dr. oz. >> well, i look forward to joining you again, jc, but thank you for having me on. >> you underwent a colonoscopy and that is what yesterday's show was about. what did you learn? >> it was humbling. i just checked the box off on getting a colonoscopy and didn't take it seriously. i have done these procedures and all of a sudden i saw this polyp, precancerous polyp and it stunned me. we were going to do that as part of a larger show about knowing the key five numbers of your life but it ended up being the focus of the show because
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now i became the patients and i listened about the trials and tribulations that so many of our viewers face when you are waiting if oar diagnosis and not sure what it means for your family. and that's what we will do on the show, moving from just giving you the information that you know is important to get you motivated to act on what you just learned. >> reporter: you will be answering embarrassing questions on your show today. what kind of questions can we expect? >> we went to embarrassed, minnesota. there's a town named that, where we had people give us question. one woman asked it is really cold up here and my bottom gets cold in the winner and it doesn't get warm when when i come in. we will talk about why parts of the body with a lot of fat don't have many blood vessels in them and gastro reflex, which is why some people eat and go toe the bathroom immediately. we have questions from poop to sexual issue and embarrassing topics that come up over and over again. >> reporter: when you look back
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on last year's season, what were the most famous shows about? >> we had a couple of very important shows. we had the largest free clinic in the country in houston, texas which we did during the health care debate and that show was important in the plight of the uninsured because you put a face on the condition, not just a policy discussion and 90% of people who don't have health insurance they have jobs, they are working but can't afford health care and another show was a show with richard simmons, it was the 100th shows and we had 100 people who lost 100-pounds come on and tell us how they did it. you learn a lot of what people have been through. >> we send best wishes to you. we will be looking for you on channel 9 monday through friday beginning at 3:00 p.m. >> he's a good man. >> he is. very charming.
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he was here last year. i got a picture with him. >> i got a picture with him, too and he is very interesting and engaging and charming. >> learn a lot. >> bedside manner. changes coming to the weather. nice changes, though. it is kind of hot and 90 degrees right now. we should be feeling autumnal. we will as soon as tonight an tomorrow. the day at a glance, 91 or so at 3:00. we are not going to get much warmer. it is battle between colder air and sunshine the next few hours. by 6:00 we are sunny and 88. by 9:00 mainly clear. temperatures dropping in the 70s. that's how the game -- maths have a game in a few minutes out there. a beautiful afternoon for baseball but on the windy side. clear and cool tonight, 52 to 62. pop the windows open and enjoy the cooldown. for thursday, sunny a, breezy and pleasant. northwest winds 10 to 15. look at those temperatures in
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the upper 70s. one big problem with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour and the very dry air, we have a danger for any fire. anyone that would normally burn, farm or something out there, think of not doing it out there today. we have a red flag almost border to border. northern neck not in it but very dry, windy conditions and when you get those low humidities is when you get the possible of quickly spreading fires. front is coming through right now. ahead of it some showers really did the dc split an we are left with sunny skies. the winds are gusting to 24 cumberland. out of the west in winchester, still a southwest flow here. the front is not through but gaithersburg, leesburg, frederick, northwesterly flow with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. that's where the front is. the cooler air behind the front, cooler thanks to the cloud cover. low 80s here. we sit at 90 in washington with dew point of 62. that's going to drop significantly and look at the
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humidity, 39%. high pressure is building in the next couple of days we will cool down and the forecast looks really nice. windy today, 92. breezy tomorrow, 79. 75 on friday is beautiful. saturday terps are home, 84 looks great. some showers finally by sunday. should be out in time hopefully for the redskins game and back to 82 on monday. we are going to the kitchen when 9 news now at noon i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it.
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we are celebrating hispanic heritage month with a little flare. the restaurant has fabulous food and the chef is alfredo solos and today he is preparing edge lad das. talk about what is an enchilada. >> it is from mexico an we have -- we took them all day long in mexico to celebrate spanish month at saber restaurant and we will do enchiladas today. >> what kind. >> real enchiladas, a shrimp, onions, cilantro and we have everything for the sauce. >> you have been mixing
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something together and it looks delicious. what is this? >> shrimp, spinach, peppers, onions and pepper jack cheese. >> all right. >> this is sauce. >> special sauce. >> cilantro, onions, lightly fried tortilla to make the enchiladas. in let me just say that saber because of the fact it is hispanic heritage month there are special prices and deal deals this month. you can take advantage of some discounts and again the location is 701, 14th street northwest. we only have 30 seconds so we have to do this quickly. >> we have the shrimp here and we are celebrating independence day on september 15th. and chile celebrates september
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18th. so, we have good deals. we have four courses. >> i bet you put the sauce on top. the recipe is on our website at come back and visit us at 5:00. it smells
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